Pressing question for you to obtain permits ( certificate or declaration of conformity)?

For you will always be relevant question documenting the optimum ratio of quality and safety of your products or services \ products. Today, consumers often choose those products which meet the requirements of Ukrainian\European standards and confirmed by official documents. In Ukraine today there are two systems of certification: UkrSePrO (voluntary and mandatory) and conformity assessment (declaration of conformity) in the scope of the technical regulations.

Please contact our certification "Standards and Quality", where you will always help certify the products, goods, services, management system.

"Standards and Quality" - structurally related division Test and Certification Center "Pivdentest" accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (NAAU).

You will receive the necessary certification documentation at the optimum time.

We also work with partners who are accredited NAAU. This - certification bodies and testing laboratories, which are practically covers the entire range of products, from communications to alcoholic beverages.

We propose that you can in the shortest time to carry out testing necessary for you products. This is made possible due to the fact that we have established close cooperation with leading professional laboratories in Ukraine and the European Union. The specialists of our organization for certification will provide you expert help, is rapid and easy to obtain the desired documents.

Procedures for assessing conformity You will need to bring the original documents: contracts, invoices, identification number of the payer, HS codes (UKTZED) product, product description, and product samples, if necessary, other concerns will take the employees of the organization for certification "Standards and Quality".

We offer the following services:

  • UkrCEPRO certificate;
  • Fire Certificate (UkrСEPRO);
  • Declaration of conformity on technical regulations scope;
  • Type examination certificate, conformity;
  • The certificate and declaration of the means of communication (with the entry in the State register);
  • Metrological certificate (type approval);
  • Certificate of Compliance for the control system (management) ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000;
  • Decision to conduct trading activities;
  • Exemption solution for customs;
  • Conclusion sanitary - epidemiological expertise;
  • Development technical specifications;
  • Translations of the operating instructions for the official state language in Ukraine;
  • Development of labels for placing on the market of Ukraine.