CE Marking

CE Marking certificate

CE Marking
Means - sold in the EU products comply with the applicable European directives providing for CE marking.
Thus, the CE marking, in particular, means that the product meets all the general requirements of applicable EU directives and that the products have passed the conformity assessment procedure provided for in the EU Directive. In addition, Member States shall take appropriate measures to protect the CE marking.
Principles of CE marking:
Marking CE - it is one of the conditions for the free movement of products on the European market.
Applied to product CE marking - a declaration of a person or entity that establishes or is responsible for the installation of marking that the product complies with all relevant requirements EU Directive, and that it has passed the appropriate conformity assessment procedures.
CE marking may be affixed only if registered in the EU resident who takes responsibility for the safety of the product and its compliance with European directives.
Therefore, public authorities have no right to restrict the placing on the market and use of products that carry the EU, except in cases where such measures can be justified by the evidence of non-compliance of the product.
Conformity Assessment
Before going to market the European Community, the manufacturer shall carry out the procedure of conformity assessment of products, provided for in the applicable EU directive, with the aim of marking CE.
notified body
third party conformity assessment is carried out by notified bodies that have been notified by the Member States of the number of bodies carrying out the requirements set out in the EU Directive, and established in their territory.