Declaration of conformity

Product compliance with technical regulations, which apply to it, confirmed by the procedure, certain technical regulations conformity assessment modules and requirements for marking the national conformity.

Refusal letter UkrSePrO

A document that contains information about what products are not subject to compulsory certification in Ukraine. Exemption letter issued on the letterhead of the certification body and the seal of the certification body. The validity of exemption letter is limited to one year or a delivery.

Fire Safety Certificate

Issued for a wide range of products (building materials, cables, etc.) that require testing for flammability, flame spread, fire resistance class, etc. Our company organizes the implementation of this type of work "turnkey" - from application to obtain a certificate of conformity

Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion Ukraine

Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion Ukrainian Ministry of Health (health certificate) - a document confirming that the finished product, activity or technical specifications (TS), which is produced products, the requirements, hygiene standards and sanitary regulations, as well as an official confirmation of safety products for human health.

Проводим работы по оценке соответствия в сфере действия Технического регламента оборудования и защитных систем, предназначенных для применения в потенциально взрывоопасной среде. Работаем профессионально, качественно по умеренным расценкам.

Technical Specifications (TS)

Technical Specifications (TS) developed an interested party (by the manufacturer, associations of undertakings), depending on the specific products are consistent with different civil service (Ministry of Health, Derzhbud et al.). The requirement for mandatory state registration of Technical Specifications now canceled!

Стоимость сертификации, декларирования

Certification of products for compliance with the Technical Regulation of Ukraine from 3000 UAH.
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