Certification of communication devices.

such as: computers or devices equipped with wifi, Bluetooth, mobile phones and other mandatory procedures established by the Technical regulations for radio equipment and telecommunications final (terminal) equipment.

This Technical Regulation establishes requirements for radio equipment and telecommunication end (terminal) equipment, the conformity assessment procedure of the equipment, labeling rules and putting it into circulation.

 These Technical Regulations apply to radio equipment and telecommunications terminal (terminal) equipment, except:

1) radio equipment and telecommunications final (terminal) special purpose equipment used exclusively for purposes related to the provision of public order and security;

2) radio equipment used by radio amateurs to receive high-precision time signals and / or frequency;

3) cables and wires;

4) equipment which provides reception only and is intended solely for the reception of radio programs and television broadcasting;

5) equipment, which is subject to the Technical Regulations marine equipment approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated September 5, 2007 р. № 1103 (Official Journal of Ukraine, 2007., № 67, p. 2588);

6) equipment and systems for air traffic control (communications, monitoring, automated dispatching service, navigation, etc.).


  • Radio - REFs and devices in accordance with Law of Ukraine "On the radio of Ukraine";
  • Telecommunication terminal (terminal) equipment - end equipment in accordance with Law of Ukraine "On Telecommunications", which is designed for use in systems using a wired connection.


Requirements for devices

9. The devices covered by this Technical Regulation must comply with:

  • protect the health and safety of consumers, others considering technical regulations safety low voltage, but without limiting voltage;
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility account of technical regulations on electromagnetic compatibility;
  • efficient use of radio resources (for radio);
  • software when connected to a telecommunications network:
  • interoperability of devices through such a network to other devices and interfaces to connect to the appropriate type throughout Ukraine;
  • stable operation of the network (connecting the device should not harm the network or interfere with its operation result in abuse of network resources, thereby compromising quality of service characteristics).

10. The use of devices, the scope of which is determined by the characteristics of their appointment, should also depending on the application given to ensure:

  • implementation of the consumer's right to protection of personal data and privacy;
  • guaranteed access to emergency services;
  • the use of the device persons with disabilities.

11. Devices that were put into circulation before the mandatory application of the requirements of the Technical Regulations remain in circulation without additional conformity within a time limit which establishes State Service Administration for each device in accordance with the law.


National standards as evidence base Technical Regulations

13. State Special Administration is developing a list of national standards that comply with European harmonized standards and voluntary use of which is wholly or partly may be considered as proof of your device with these Technical Regulations (hereinafter - the list of national standards). {Clause 13 as amended according to KM number 632 of 08/28/2013}

14. Upon recommendation of the Administration of State Service for national standards approved by the Ministry of Economic Development and updated periodically, which publishes it in the official gazette.

15. In the event of doubt on the adequacy of certain national standards as evidence of compliance with these Technical Regulations, Administration of State Service publishes commentary on the interpretation of the standards and conditions under which compliance with these standards is evidence of compliance with these Technical Regulations, or submit to the Minister's proposal to remove from the list of standards such national standards.


The Introduction to Appeal on Marketplace.

16. The manufacturer or his authorized representative - resident of Ukraine or the supplier commits the following:

preparing technical documentation referred to in paragraph 12 of the Technical Regulation Conformity Assessment Modules, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 7 October 2003 р. № 1585 (Official Journal of Ukraine, 2003., № 41, p. 2175; 2011 р., № 67, c. 2581) (hereinafter - Technical Regulation Conformity Assessment Modules), and a declaration of compliance device of this Technical Regulation;

The use of radio equipment in Ukraine permitted subject to registration in the Register of radio electronic facilities and emitters that can be used in Ukraine in the civil frequency bands. The import from abroad, implementation and operation of radio electronic facilities and emitters are made with a permit issued in accordance with the legislation.

17. The manufacturer or his authorized representative - resident of Ukraine or supplier delivers to the consumer with the device:

  • Declaration of Conformity hereto, are on the back of which may contain marking central authority in relation to approve the use of telecommunications in telecommunications networks;
  • guidance on safe use (as set out in the state language).
  • The packaging and guideline manual should be giving the information required on the destination device. For telecommunications final (terminal) equipment and radio equipment can be connected to a public telecommunications network should be given information about how to connect to the specified network. For all devices, such information should be posted in a conspicuous place.