"UkrSePrO" - a state system certification in Ukraine, in which it is determined 149 product certification bodies (works, services) and 800 testing laboratories (centers)..

The list of products subject to mandatory certification approuved by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and is reviewed annually (01.02.2005 № 28))

UkrCEPRO certificate - a document certifying that the products meet the statutory requirements for quality and safety, and entered in the register of certified products on the territory of Ukraine (Registry System Certification).

Certification - a procedure by which a third party gives written assurance that a product, process or service meets the specified requirements.

The certification system - a system that has its own rules of procedure and management for the certification of conformity.

A third party - a person or body recognized independent of the parties involved in the issue, which is considered .

Product certification is carried out by authorized / notified certification bodies in order to prevent the sale of products hazardous to life, health and property of citizens and the environment; promoting consumer in a competent choice of products; creating conditions for the participation of businesses in the international economic scientific and technical cooperation and international trade.

The objects of certification UkrSEPRO is a product which:

  • made in Ukraine;
  • imported to Ukraine and is designated by the manufacturer as such that meets the applicable regulations in Ukraine;
  • imported to Ukraine and is not marked by the manufacturer as such that meets the applicable regulations in Ukraine, but can be identified as such, which must comply with the Ukrainian regulatory document for similar products;
  • imported to Ukraine and is not marked by the manufacturer as such that meets the applicable regulations in Ukraine and can not be identified as such, which must meet the current Ukrainian normative document on similar products, but has a positive conclusion of the state sanitary-hygienic examination Ministry of Health.
  • Certification is divided into obligatory and voluntary.

Mandatory certification.

Conducted in compliance with the mandatory requirements of normative documents (ND) exclusively in the state system UkrSEPRO.

Mandatory certification in all cases should include inspection and testing of the product to determine its characteristics and further technical supervision of certified products.

Tests to compulsory certification shall be carried out by accredited testing laboratories (centers) methods, which are defined corresponding ND, and in the absence of these documents - the methods that are defined by certification bodies or body that performs its function.

Voluntary certification.

Can be carried out on the product conformity with requirements that are not related legislative acts and Normative Documents in the mandatory requirements on the initiative of the manufacturer, seller, consumer, public executive authorities, public organizations and individuals on a contractual basis between the applicant and the certification body.

Voluntary certification of the right to conduct business, organization or other legal entities, which took over the functions of the body for voluntary certification, as well as bodies that are accredited in the state system of certification.

The cost of all works on certification of products in the system is paid by the applicant on a contractual basis.

Basic principles and general rules of the system UkrSEPRO.

Certification System provides confirmation of third party performance, characteristics and properties of products, processes and services on the basis of testing, validation, production and quality system certification. A third party may be: National Authority in the affairs of certification; central authority in the affairs of certification; territorial authority in the affairs of certification; expert auditors; persons who have taken over the functions of the legal authority for the voluntary certification; testing laboratories.

The system is designed to conduct mandatory and voluntary certification of products, processes and services. Certification of compliance with regulatory requirements and regulations stipulated by the legislative acts, carried out exclusively in the system. Certification bodies in the system can be accredited organizations and state-owned enterprises. If the system has several accredited certification bodies of the same product, the applicant shall have the right to certify products in any of them. For certified production systems is issued a certificate of compliance and be marked in compliance.

Procedure for certification of products generally contain:

  • filing and consideration of the application for certification;
  • analysis of submitted documentation;
  • a decision on the application indicating the scheme (model) certification;
  • inspection of production;
  • certification of production which is certified or quality system certification, if it is provided by the certification scheme;
  • selection, identification of product samples and testing;
  • analysis of the results and decide whether they can issue a certificate of conformity and the granting of a license;
  • the issuance of the certificate of conformity, the granting of licenses and introduction of certified products in the system registry;
  • recognition of the certificate of conformity issued by a foreign authority;
  • technical supervision of certified products during its manufacture;
  • information on the results of certification works.

Scheme (model) certification delivery of products is determined by the certification body in consultation with the applicant to start work on certification. Selection circuits (model) depending on the type of product, its amount and other production state baseline data.

On positive test results in an accredited testing laboratory in the system may be granted these types of certificates:

Certificate for a single product;

Certificate for the shipment of goods (based on the positive results of tests of samples of products (goods), selected by the party to the procedure and the amount recognized by the certification body);
Certificate for the products, which is available commercially within the prescribed period (issued by the certification body and includes a survey of manufacturing or production attestation or certification of the quality system. Table).

Certification Scheme batch production

The validity of the certificate of conformity

Product certification scheme with the analysis
documentation submitted by the applicant
Product certification scheme with the analysis of the documentation submitted by the applicant (without inspection of production)

1 year

Product certification scheme with inspection of manufacture

2 years

Product certification scheme to the certification of production

up to 3 years

Product certification scheme with quality management system certification of production

5 years