Declaration of conformity

Declaration of conformity

Product compliance with technical regulations, which apply to it, confirmed by the procedure, certain technical regulations conformity assessment modules and requirements for marking the national conformity.

Declaration of conformity — a document in which the manufacturer or an authorized person announces that the products supplied by them comply with the requirements of normative documents included in the evidence base of technical regulations.

Declaration of Conformity may be registered by accredited certification body in accordance with the code DKPP / HS assigned to this product.

Declaration of Conformity - conformity assessment, which is held the first party - the provider of the object of conformity assessment;

Document of Compliance - Declaration (including the declaration of conformity) protocol, the report, opinion, certificate, certificate (including a certificate of conformity) or any other document confirming the fulfillment of certain requirements relating to the object of conformity assessment.

Accredited body to assess the compliance certification, which recorded the declaration of conformity declaration assigns a registration number, which contains the code of the certification body and the serial number of the declaration of conformity. Declaration of conformity is valid and effective throughout the territory of Ukraine.

Only a resident of Ukraine may declare the conformity of products with technical regulations.

If the manufacturer is a resident of Ukraine, its interests on the territory of Ukraine may be only a resident of Ukraine on the basis of the agreement and power of attorney (as appropriate) for confirmation of compliance.

Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumers' Rights, Article 14, quoted the products to which the acts of legislation or other regulations established mandatory requirements for the safety of life, health consumers, their property, the environment and provides the application of the national mark of conformity shall set to pass the conformity assessment procedure.

The manufacturer has the right to label products the national conformity with a declaration of conformity and / or the certificate of conformity issued under the law.

Sales of products (including imports) without marking the national conformity and / or without a certificate of conformity or declaration of conformity is prohibited.

The basis for the customs clearance of imports of goods into the territory of Ukraine is the availability provided by the legislation of documents certifying the fact of passage of the conformity assessment procedures.

The list of documents required for registration of the declaration of conformity:

  • Contract;
  • invoice;
  • Cargo-transport documents (CMR, bill of lading, air waybill, w / d invoice);
  • Technical description of the product;
  • Certificate of Conformity / Type;
  • Documents (certificates of origin, test reports);
  • User`s manual.